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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


This is Arc's personal review about the movie "Against Coercion - Refusing to Stand for "Kimigayo".
From the movie, I can feel the love between the teachers and students. I'm impressed when a beaucratic announces the punishment to a teacher, the teacher stoppes him and take out a protest letter and start reading, she says"we are not oppose to have Kimigayo in ceremonies, but we hope we also could provied the information about what's the history background of the anthem and ....Let the student to make the judegment". Some people think this teacher group is radical. This annoucement shows they are not radical. They are neutral and objective, thus they are trustful. Those who use propaganda to do brainwash are not trustful.
My conclusion is, Education is the way to reduce bias and improve understanding when its freedom and independece is protected. If education becomes the tool of propaganda, it increase the bias. Under that situdation, those idealists who dare to against the powerful political merchine are my heroes.






Saturday, June 02, 2007

(Japanese/English) Documentary Film 'Against Coercion' ドキュメンタリー映画 「君が代不起立」

Announcement of Film Screening: Against Coercion - Refusing to Stand for "Kimigayo"


This is a film about the teachers who have been penalized for refusing to stand up when the national anthem "kimigayo" was played at school ceremonies. Kimigayo is a song that praises the Emperor, and is by many considered to be a symbol of the war-time Japanese militarism.

『君が代 不起立』 Against Coercion
(87 minutes, 2006)

企画・制作 ビデオプレス Produced by Video Press
日時: 6月12日(火) 午後8時から
Date and Time: 8:00 PM, Tuesday June 12th
場所:ピース・フィロソフィー・センター (ノースバンクーバー)
Place: Peace Philosophy Centre in North Vancouver
Suggested Donation: $3.00
Capacity: 20 seats
参加希望の方は RSVP to: までどうぞ。

If you would like to familiarize yourself with the debate over the coercion of the national anthem(kimigayo) and flag (hinomaru) at Japanese schools, the following articles might be helpful.